How did we get the name Indian Rocks Beach?

How did we get the name Indian Rocks Beach?

Most of this information is credited to the Indian Rocks Beach Historical Museum. The museum is in the IRB business district across from the Post Office. The building sits in a park called Chic-A-Si Park. Chief Chic-A-Si has a lot to do with this story.

The chief lived in the Ocala area and became gravely ill. A friend of the Chief named Chief Nu-Wa recommended a healing spring near some large rocks on the coast. The Chief was taken to a campsite near the spring which was located at what we now know as Kolb Park. The spring was capped many years ago due to an unpleasant odor.

After consuming the mineral waters from the spring, Chief Chic-A-Si quickly regained his health. In the years to follow, the Indians returned to this area on a regular basis to drink from the spring and fish in the local waters. The story concludes with early settlers observing the Indians, and the name “Indian Rocks” was a description for their settlement.

While researching, I also found another version of the story. This version describes the Indians finding a narrow passageway from the mainland to the barrier island, walking on exposed rocks made it easier to access. Some will say this is how it became known as Indian Rocks.

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Very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne Miller

My family moved to 8th Avenue in 1948. We moved in to a block shack that still exists ( I believe) and my father built a duplex on the corner and named our property Sunny Apartments. We remained there until I was 13. We went to school at Anona Elementary and Largo Junior High and rode the bus over the old wooden bridge. It was a wonderful place to grow up .

Roseanne Turner

Very nice. My mother in law told us there were rocks on the beach. I never seen a rock and we always made fun of her. She never came to the beach with us and she leave near there for 30 years.

Maxine Thomas

This was interesting. I like learning about our area.

Jackie Horsley

Love IRB.


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