Michael and Teresa Fowler, owner and operators of Beachcrew Gear, are passionate about fashion that fits the beach lifestyle. Classic, comfortable, beach inspired while sun protection is a must. The Beachcrew brand was created in a small beach town on the Gulf of Mexico, located in Indian Rocks beach, Florida.

The Beachcrew focuses on what is required to make a beach day special with chair, umbrella and cabana service along the Gulf Coast. The team is connected to the community and everything that Indian Rocks Beach has to offer.

The look and feel of the team's gear gained attention and many customers, visitors, and friends inquired about how to purchase the clothing line. The team started expanding Beachcrew and they knew they were onto something special. They worked diligently on a quality brand that felt fitting for people that enjoy being stylish in the outdoors. If you are one that feels the joy and energy the beach brings to life, you will fit right into this apparel.  

Initially we are starting with a small collection, and we are introducing new items on a regular basis. More options coming soon including children's attire. 

Welcome to Beachcrew! Please leave nothing but your footprints.